Tuscany 2010 and photoblog

23 05 2010

Hello All,
It’s been a while since the last update! since then there have been more rides but less time to write about them! I promise I will be doing that as soon as I can!
The new wonderful project decided over a night is a trip abroad, that was a dream I was waiting and finally it has been finalized and prepared! Tuscany one of the most wonderful landscapes you can find!
4th of June will be heading towards Patra’s to cross Greece and land on Italy and 12th of June will be our return date!
I also wanted to inform you that I have also created a photoblog, since my other passion is photography and I often get the chance to share information, so if you are interested you can take a look at it over here:
Hope you are having a great time, and if you are riding I wish you many pleasant and safe trips!


Happy new year

19 01 2010

I would like to wish everyone happy new year!
It’s been a while since I updated this blog, but the workload and the rush of the days have not allowed me to do so. So I wish you the best for this new year, with health and prosperity!

It was fun!

12 11 2009

A nice lovely long weekend, 500 Km’s on Saturday on a lovely country road!
We started at 08:30am from the first toll post of the National Road (Athens – Lamia) and we headed towards Kamena Vourla. The route was boring (long straights) and we where all waiting for the moment where the road would transform to those mountain twisties and when we would be able to finally glimpse towards the green mountains of the Greek country side!
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23 10 2009

All the photographs are peeling
and colors turn to gray, he stayed
in his room with memories for days, he faced
an undertow of future’s laid to waste, embraced
by the loss of one he could not replace…

Spit it out Johny…the journey is here and the mood is around, should the weather co-operate we shall be doing half a thousand Km’s in a days joy!
I have in mind many different destinations and nothing beats a nice old traditional village on one of the most appealing Greek mountain landscapes!
So tripod is getting ready, photographic equipment as well, the bike is getting serviced (damn I wish there where self healing engines!) and we are preparing for what sounds as a lovely weekend!
It’s been a long time since I roamed around traditional villages with a motorcycle, and it was about time I did so!
First stop is Kammena Vourla for a lovely coffee and some Loukoumades (check Greek dictionary for meaning πŸ˜€ ), next we continue towards Damasta and Bralos (Greek magic #2), we continue for Pavliani and finish to Athanassios Diakos, enjoying the Greek country (and some Greek traditional food πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ).
After out lovely meal, (damn I feel nice…) we prepare for the return, a return which in my humble opinion (we don’t give a s**t about it) should be relaxing and calming (yeah! you know lamb chops need their time… ). We head towards Kaloskopi, and from there on to Amfiklia (maybe another nice stop for a quick coffee? ) on from Amfiklia we head towards Cheronia, after Cheronia we head for Kastro which is our last part of the “slow” Greek country and we reach the “new” National highway, onwards the journey is typical until we reach our home!

So we start!

7 10 2009

So since 1st of October 2009 this blog comes to life, the BMW R1150GS is now in my hands, and ready for some adventuring!
29000 Km’s on its counter and ready to roll on the roads of Greece!
I spend the weekend riding the beast, just to see how it feels and how it behaves, I had a long time to ride a motorcycle of this style (On/Off). It felt pretty nice, comfy with a nice engine and quite stable. What I mostly enjoyed was the ability of β€œher” to hide that extra pounds, it’s amazing how she transforms once she hits the road!
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A new start

30 09 2009

This is a blog regarding motorcycle traveling, and motorcycle adventures.
After 10 years of riding and 3 years of photography, I decided to create this blog, to share with you all my thoughts, my journeys and finally to bring you the beauty of Greece.
This is also another nice spot for sharing your adventures, your suggestions with the rest of the world.