Tuscany 2010 and photoblog

23 05 2010

Hello All,
It’s been a while since the last update! since then there have been more rides but less time to write about them! I promise I will be doing that as soon as I can!
The new wonderful project decided over a night is a trip abroad, that was a dream I was waiting and finally it has been finalized and prepared! Tuscany one of the most wonderful landscapes you can find!
4th of June will be heading towards Patra’s to cross Greece and land on Italy and 12th of June will be our return date!
I also wanted to inform you that I have also created a photoblog, since my other passion is photography and I often get the chance to share information, so if you are interested you can take a look at it over here:
Hope you are having a great time, and if you are riding I wish you many pleasant and safe trips!


The equipment

18 10 2009

What better than testing your equipment under harsh conditions!
Well yes, I have owned my equipment for a few years, but I never had the chance to test them under really harsh conditions.
Harsh? I hear you saying what do you mean by harsh?
Well lets just say 250Km’s of unstopable heavy rain (the kind which lets you wonder if that red thing 10 meters in front of your nose is a car or a distant light), so heavy that moisture penetrates from everywhere!
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