Road to Tuscany 05/06/2010

30 06 2010

We arrived in Ancona a bit late due to usual delays in Igoumenitsa port (illegal immigrants and loads of tracks waiting to embark).
The port of Ancona at first view looks really clean, not the usual port I am used to in Greece, lots of old maintained buildings are scattered around.
Once we laid our “tires” on the Italian road I was initially nervous, it was my first trip abroad, needed some time to orient myself and understand which direction should we follow, I didn’t have a GPS so our only directional tool was a crappy tourist map, the map really sucked as all of the roads where really tiny and you couldn not get a good estimation of where you where exactly. The only thing I knew for sure was that we needed to head towards Perugia and from there to hit the roads towards the Lake of Trasimeno.

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Road to Tuscany 04/06/2010

23 06 2010

Since I started photography as a hobby of mine I was always inspired by the landscapes of Tuscany whenever I saw them. Famous photographers always mentioned the vast fields and the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, and painters through the Renaissance up to today are inspired by the fantastic chiaroscuro effects of the landscape formations on this area of Italy.

I was planning a trip abroad for quite some time, and what better than combine photography with motorcycles! The destination was quickly set, thanks to information from fellow photographers I managed to set our base location to San Quirico D’Orcia, a lovely Tuscan small town located between the famous yet fantastic Tuscan Rolling hills. A quick search over the Internet revealed that there was a plethora of places to stay in that area, we wanted something more traditional to combine the lovely countryside with the traditional architecture, so we opted for Agritourism. After carefull inspection and research we decided that Ill Poggiolo located just outside the San Quirico town would be the ideal match! A lovely building dating back from 1700!

We decided that our best match would be to stay all of the nights at the same place, this would remove the hassle of packing and mounting / unmounting luggages on our motorcycles, San Quirico D’Orcia is kind of centrally located in Tuscany so it provides amble opportunities to ride around and enjoy the spots of the famous landscape.

We booked our ferry tickets which would transfer us from Patra of Greece to Ancona in Italy, 04/06/2010 was set as our departure date and 12/06/2010 as our return date, 1 full week to enjoy our trip and discover the Italian countryside.

I took the day off at 04/06/2010 to make sure everything would be on time, since our ferry was departing from Patra at 17:30pm we needed to be on the road at 13:30pm. I met with my friend George at Attiki road which crosses Attiki and lands on the Greek national road which interconnects Athens to Corinth. A small stop for some water and the first pictures is necessary (sun was really hot…really really hot) and off we are towards Patra!

After a really boring trip towards Patra (where you also pay a damn 2 euros toll for a ghost road) we finally arrive at the port of Patra, we check in and we board on the ship! First day has ended regarding road trips, now the sea journey begins!

Map of the day: