Valley no more…

15 11 2009

So it was planned for yesterday to ride towards the valley of Parnassos, but on the move the plans changed! 🙂
We started at 09:00am in the morning, 3 motorcycles and 4 riders, headed – as we initially had planned – towards Delphi, the weather was sunny but yet this time it was colder, I didn’t predict the lower temperature on some places and I was not wearing suitable trousers!

We arrived at Delphi really refreshed, as the road had no real traffic, we sat at a nice cafe which overlooks the olive trees of Itea / Chrysso of Fokida, a view that surely rewards your ~160Km ride towards it 🙂
Drunk the coffee and while we where thinking of riding towards the Valley, we re planned and decided to head towards Livadia because some of the people needed to be early back home. I had no real problems, since the Valley is a place where you can easily reach, so I decided to drop the Valley route for the day and head towards Livadia, enjoy some food and return back home!
So we are back on the road, we make a short stop over at Arachova for a quick picture, and then we head towards Livadia which is around 35Km’s away from Arachova!
After a few twisties, we arrived at Livadia where we had the chance to enjoy a nice meal near the river (Vryses called), lots of Green, people walking around (since the weather was lovely) and lots of bikers arriving! 🙂
Surely a fantastic place to be!




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