It was fun!

12 11 2009

A nice lovely long weekend, 500 Km’s on Saturday on a lovely country road!
We started at 08:30am from the first toll post of the National Road (Athens – Lamia) and we headed towards Kamena Vourla. The route was boring (long straights) and we where all waiting for the moment where the road would transform to those mountain twisties and when we would be able to finally glimpse towards the green mountains of the Greek country side!

Our first stop was at Kamena, coffee under the sweet sun, temperature ideal for riders! what more could we ask for?

After our short stop we headed towards the exit marked Bralos just a few Km’s after Kamena, here the fun part starts! The ride was just awesome, moisture over the green/red/yellow trees but with a nice conditioned road, gave us the opportunity to start starring over “nature’s images” which where transforming rapidly, mountains, forests, villages, long peaks! everything there! The colors where so fantastic, nature in its finest, autumn is a lovely season to visit them and definitely the Greek climate allows such short trips even in November!
The road towards Athanasios Diakos (after Bralos) is tight but in good condition, it ascends the mountain and contains lots of U-turns, on the BMW it was quite comfy since the engine has adequate power and the brakes are working as they should. After Stromi there is a small part of missing road, probably the local authorities have started a repair of a most likely previously damaged. Don’t worry though as the part is really small and its easily passed even from street bikes since it was prepared to have its tarmac layered.

A few Km’s before the Village Stromi a waterfall welcomes us! A fantastic place to be and off course a fantastic place to stop! We pull over for a few photographic moments, and after a few minutes cameras are on fire! Surely a well deserved stop!

BMW 07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos tripBMW 07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos trip

07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos trip07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos trip

After our short stop we head towards our final destinaton, we reach first Stromi village where we get lost for a while, GPS is not very well mapped for that area so we initally head towards the wrong direction, we quickly find out that we are heading towards the wrong direction (although nooone complains, since the place is simply magical!) so we change route, and head towards the correct one.
After a few Km’s we reach Athanasion Diakos our final destination, Diakos is a small traditional village, around 900meter above sea level, in 2001 it was counted having 634 people as population.
We stopped at the village square, where nearly all the taverns are located, our plan was to enjoy some nice Greek country food (Lamp chomp attack) and then head back home through the old national road.
The weather was just spot on, moody (which is ideal for such a village) not so cold, but also not hot, clouds where covering the mountains around and the trees had the fantastic red / yellow color of autumn.

BMW 07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos tripBMW 07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos trip
BMW 07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos trip

After our long (hehehe) stop for some food, we started heading back home, we followed the road towards Stromi, and from there we headed towards Pavliani. At Pavliani we made a refueling stop (300Km’s from starting point) and we headed towards Amfikleia we would be returning through the old National road, Amfikleia, Livadia and from there on to Kastro and the new National road.
It was a fantastic trip, the return although we already had 300Km’s (and another 200Km’s to cover) was lovely, all those images and smells where all being processed during the return, and continued to do so even after a few days of boring office work! Surely those trips are the best ones, they just offer you “food for thinking” during the boring, tiresome and long working week! Stay tunned, because the brain…requires more food for thinking, and the next trip has already been planned! 🙂

07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos trip

BMW 07/11/2009 Athanasios Diakos trip




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