The equipment

18 10 2009

What better than testing your equipment under harsh conditions!
Well yes, I have owned my equipment for a few years, but I never had the chance to test them under really harsh conditions.
Harsh? I hear you saying what do you mean by harsh?
Well lets just say 250Km’s of unstopable heavy rain (the kind which lets you wonder if that red thing 10 meters in front of your nose is a car or a distant light), so heavy that moisture penetrates from everywhere!

This was propably not the best trip (distance wise, because otherwise I enjoyed every single kilometre) but it was the best way to test if my photographic gear can actually withstand such conditions and if Lowepro is any good for its reputation! πŸ™‚
It all started yesterday morning (17/10/2009), early rising the weather was rainy and cloudy, thoughts passing by, should I hit the roads? or should I stay home? It always starts like this and it ends to a big smile and a nirvana state, Β a state of happiness because at the end of the day you do realize that this was the best decision, this is the only decision of actually feeling you are alive and kicking! πŸ™‚
At 10:00am I meet with the boys at the highway to Peloponissos, weather is even more cloudy, and a thick mist is surrounding everything around! A view that few admire, and most despice, thats another pathetic excuse for some to stay in bet and dwell around the matress!
So we all agree that the weather is the best and we should start, initial destination is Nayplion, but on the road we decide that the nice old route to Epidavros would be a better combination to the scenery of clouds, mist, moisture and smell of green earth!
We didn’t even have the chance to start when the rain appeared, initially as a small drop here and there, but on the road it transformed to a heavy blow, we had to make our first stop, we where already wearing the lower parts of our raincovers, but the rain was so heavy we had to stop and wear the rest of the raincovers.
After the small stop we continued, we ascended the hills towards Epidavros, a small accident was the reason we decided to abandon the trip and head back home with a short coffee stop!
Yes that was a really short trip for my taste, but appart from the beauty of the rain covered Greek countryside, I had my chance to see how Lowepro Computrekker performed (my old bag) under heavy rain and on top off a Big Tourer running under heavy rain on speed varying from 140Km’s to 190Km’s
Lowepro was covered with its rain cover (in the lower part of the bag) and a Manfrotto tripod was loaded on the backseat of the BMW R1150 GS. The rain was so heavy that I never actually had the chance to take out my camera and shoot, rather I was praying that everything inside the bag would be ok, and that my next months salary would not head to a new camera!
Well I must admit, if I was a fan of Lowepro, I am now a fanatic! πŸ™‚ The rain cover stood firm even under heavy rain and high speeds, I checked afterwards and only a minimal moisture on the surface was evident (which is not problem, since the bag is actually water resistant and the cover is only needed for “heavy” situations. The back side of the bag had no problems since I was on the move and the rain was slamming me on my front side, rather on the back side, so this was no real problem and the back was dry after I made my initial check stop!
Vibrations where not a problem, since I was riding with the bag attached on me (and I must admit it was way to comfy!), and not behind Β me or inside the topbox! equipment was safe and no problems where spotted!
My next pleasant discovery was that the Manfrotto bag (MBAG80) was able to hold much of the rainfall I experienced! After I arrived home and I took the tripod out from the soaking wet tripod bag I was suprised to see minimal moisture on the tripod itself while the internal of it remained nearly dry! That was rather pleasant and not something I was expecting!
I was very happy to discover this, because the only problem I experienced on this short but nevertheless heavy (weather wise) trip was my anxiety that my equipment would be safe!
Well yes it was safe! πŸ™‚




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